Kelly's Story

With her second studio release, “Close Enough”, Kelly's been lucky to have world-class artists such as Peter Mosely, former bassist for Yellowcard, Jason Lamar, DJ Eli Moorhouse, and J. Dash, of "The Wop" fame contribute their unique talents to a number of tracks!

Kelly’s songs sound simple, and they are – until you start to break them down and piece them back together. Straight-forward pop songs are twisted and turned into tight curves of melodic yet syncopated progressions. She borrows from rock, blues, country, and gospel until the lines between the genres are crossed and crossed again. The results of this fusion are songs that pay homage to specific musical roots while being firmly planted in the “pop” genre.

Although she records in Jacksonville Beach, FL, she makes her home in Colorado where she can be seen playing the festival circuit, house parties, and private gigs.

Please contact her for performance information. Also, don't forget to check out her music, and sign up to her mailing get a FREE download when you do!

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