Kelly's Story

Kelly currently splits her time between Colorado and Florida. A native of Jackson, Mississippi, Kelly grew up in Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Canada, Madagascar, and all over the USA. Exposure to music and culture from around the world, and her strong southern roots, support an adventurous approach to writing songs in diverse genres. She creates a pleasing pop hook as easily as a breezy waltz or a sophisticated gospel song.

Kelly’s songs sound simple, and they are – until you start to break them down and piece them back together. Straight-forward pop songs are twisted and turned into tight curves of melodic yet syncopated progressions. She borrows from rock, blues, country, and gospel until the lines between the genres are crossed and crossed again. The results of this fusion are songs that pay homage to their musical roots while being firmly planted in the “pop” genre.

Kelly uses her rich voice to evoke love, loss, and renewal. Her work conveys a kind of pragmatic optimism - joy of love & the price paid while reaching for happiness.



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